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  • Crown Court - Mad In England 3x7" PACKAGE DEAL

    THIS PACKAGE DEAL CONTAINS ALL 3 COLOUR VARIATIONS FOR A REDUCED PRICE Crown Court’s coming home! Originally released in the US through Goner Records, Rebellion Records now brings 2018’s “Mad In England” EP back to Europe for another round. Obviously the tracklist is the same, but all the artwork - from the labels to the sleeve - has been renewed, all in the style you have loved and been used to of both Crown Court and Rebellion Records! So if you couldn’t be bothered by the high shipping costs out of the States, or that you weren’t even aware that the lads had an American release to begin with, now is your time to strike! Because this 45 is a blistering attack of classic British Oi!, holding down some of Crown Court’s best work to date! From the nearly five-minute, bovver-epos “On The GG’s”, to the mad and riotous flipside, featuring the two short and violent battle hymns “Mad In England” and “Fight Or Fall” - this record has it all! Undoubtedly one of the best ‘modern Oi!’ bands out there - if not, the best! PRESSING INFO: 300x Black 550x White 150x Silver Comes with insert and glossy laminated sleeve TRACKLIST: A1 On The GG’s B1 Mad In England B2 Fight Or Fall Learn More

  • Fuerza Bruta - Verdugo 3xLP BUNDLE

    THIS PACKAGE DEAL CONTAINS ALL 3 VERSIONS OF THE LP RELEASE FOR A DISCOUNTED PRICE Foreign Legion Records’ first and second press, as well as Under Watchful Eyes’ limited edition of just 100 copies of FUERZA BRUTA’s “VERDUGO” LP literally flew out the door! Not that weird though, because those who are familiar with these hard-hitting savages from Chicago all agree on one thing – this was one of the, if not – the best release of 2017! Despite this, it was nearly impossible to find a copy in Europe – until now that is! Because REBELLION RECORDS is proud to unleash this beast onto the European market for everyone to hear! So if you – for whatever reason – missed out before, now is your time to grab a copy of this explosive mix of brickwall Oi! and raucous hardcore-punk and to find out what this fuzz is all about! Oh, you might want to shape up on your Spanish though, because this record is completely En Español! PRESSING INFO: 300x black 500x bronze 200x enemy blood inside bone white vinyl Jacket printed on uncoated, reverseboard stock Insert printed on thick eco paper Adapted artwork for this European vinyl version plays at 45 rpm for maximum power TRACKLIST: A1 Asocial A2 Hijos De La Calle A3 Nueva Generación A4 Un Tres Un Dos B1 Nación Dividida B2 Verdugo B3 Cerdos Fascistas B4 Lavoro Learn More

  • Sheer Terror - Pall 2x12" + CD BUNDLE

    THIS PACKAGE DEAL CONTAINS BOTH COLOUR VARIATIONS OF THE 12" + THE CD FOR A REDUCED PRICE The bulldogs of New York Hardcore are back! Four years after their last full-length album – “Standing Up For Falling Down” – and two years after their most recent work, a split single with Lars Frederiksen’s The Old Firm Casuals, the ugly and proud (also known as SHEER TERROR) have returned with four brand new stormers! Under exclusive license from Reaper Records, who will be releasing this EP stateside, REBELLION RECORDS is proud to unleash the new fury by these hardcore legends in Europe on a glorious 12” EP! With all songs on the A-side – at 45RPM, the B-side left us some room to etch in SHEER TERROR’s (in)famous bulldog logo, making sure the European press is both beautiful and loud! An undisputed must-have! PRESSING INFO: 1,000 copies, single-sided 12”, silver silkscreened B-side, including insert 700x brown 300x black TRACKLIST: A1 The Moon’s Gone Out A2 Bohack’s, Wetsons, Tung-Bo & Me A3 North Shore Love Affair A4 Get Me Off This Rock Learn More

  • Terror - The Damned, the shamed 4xLP TESTPRESS DEAL (Lim 10)

    THIS PACKAGE CONTAINS ALL 3 VERSIONS OF THE LP PLUS A LIMITED TESTPRESSING. ONLY 10 COMPLETE PACKAGE DEALS AVAILABLE! DESCRIPTION: Mighty hardcore / metal-core outfit from LA. The Damned, The Shamned was originally released in 2003. Here is the official vinyl repress on STRENGTH RECORDS limited to 1000 copies. Issued under exclusive license from Century Media Records PRESSING INFO 300x BLACK 500x BROWN 200x ULTRA CLEAR Glossy laminated gatefold jacket, mastered for vinyl TRACKLIST: A1 Voice Of The Damned A2 Relentless Through And Through A3 Betrayer A4 Rise Of The Poisoned Youth A5 Never Alone A6 What I Despise A7 Let Me Sink B1 Feel The Pain B2 Lost Our Minds B3 March To Redemption B4 Crush What's Weak B5 Still Believe? Featuring – Roger Miret B6 Suffer, To Return Harder B7 Iron Mind (European Bonus Track) Learn More

  • Tech 9 - Scars 3x LP TESTPRESS DEAL (lim 10)

    This package deal contains 1 copy on black vinyl, 1 copy on 180 gr orange vinyl and 1 black testpressing including printed jacket. Only 10 complete package deals available DESCRIPTION: TECH 9 are without a doubt one of the pioneers of the Dutch “streetcore” scene. Mixing elements of Oi! and streetpunk with the rage of European hardcore, often called “eurocore”, TECH 9 delivered some amazing, but above all, furious records in their days. Unfortunately only their last ever album, “Bite The Bullet”, got released on vinyl, but at Strength Records we are changing things around here with the introduction of a new series, the “Dutch Hardcore Classics” top vinyl collection series! And what better way to start this series with releasing TECH 9’s classic first album “SCARS ON THE INSIDE” (1996) for the first time on vinyl, ever! Every kid, skin, punk or hardcore, that’s been into this music since the mid 90’s knows TECH 9’s anthem “Survival”, the opening track of this album, whether it be from the original CD on Lost & Found Records, Rebellion Records’ CD reissue in 2011 or the mighty “European Hardcore – The Way It Is” compilation. But “SCARS ON THE INSIDE” offers eleven more tracks filled with anger, rage, aggravation and rage from rock city Eindhoven’s streets! This is the album that is scarred in our minds for almost two decades already and we are proud to finally offer it to the world on vinyl! PRESSING INFO: 200 copies, black vinyl 100 copies, orange vinyl (180 grams) 17 testpressings, white label, black vinyl TRACKLIST: Side A 01. Survival 02. Game Called Life 03. Lies 04. Respect 05. Face Up 06. Braindead Side B 07. Warfare 08. Hatebox 09. Under The Gun 10. Trust & freedom 11. At The Edge 12. Can’t Bring Me Down Learn More

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