CHOOSE A FREE VINYL ITEM WITH YOUR ORDER (please read the product description)

We found a lot of incomplete vinyl records in our warehouse where the jacket is missing and some 2nd hand 7's records that we want to include for free with orders.

- Put this item in your shopping cart and choose the amount of free items
- Orders between 0 and 50 euro: 1 free vinyl item
- Orders between 50 and 100 euro: 2 free vinyl items
- Orders over 100 euro: 3 free vinyl items
- We don't charge extra shipping for the free items
- We choose the items for you
- Small orders (7", CD, shirt) will be shipped in a small package and you will most likely get a 7" as your free item
- If you don't add this item to your cart we assume you are not interested in receiving an incomplete vinyl release and we won't add any.

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