Complaint - We're right, you're wrong CD (lim 300) D2 serie #031

COMPLAINT is a brand new outfit out of Holland that is debuting with their eleven-track album

The original idea of the band was to record an EP, but the recording process went so well that these
guys busted out their first full-length without any problems. Although in some scenes 19 minutes of
music can barely be considered as an 'album', eleven tracks can, so off we go!

Complaint can be best described as a band that mixes 80’s US hardcore with the occasional Oi!
influences for fans of bands such as Negative Approach, 86 Mentality, Crown Court and Hired Goons.
So check these guys out if you are up for some uncompromising, aggravated, drunken skinhead
hardcore from Dutch soil!

01. We’re Right
02. Loyalty
03. All The Same
04. Life I Chose
05. Shadowwalkers
06. Killing Time
07. Bullshit
08. Fuck Off
09. On The Floor
10. Deadbeat
11. Never Run

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