Sick Of It All - Blood, sweat and no tears LP (180 gr, gold)

The LP Comes with heavy jacket and printed innersheet on 200 gram extra heavy vinyl!

Sick of It All is a hardcore-punk band formed in 1986 in Queens, New York. The band's current lineup
consists of brothers Lou Koller on vocals and Pete Koller on lead guitar, Craig Setari on bass, and
Armand Majidi on drums. Sick of It All has been a major part of the New York hardcore scene.
Though their 1989 debut album "Blood, Sweat and No Tears" was a moderate success, it laid the
foundation for the Sick Of It All to become one of the main ambassador of NY Hardcore.
“Blood, sweat and no tears” contains 19 tracks of passion fueled, raw, energetic NY Hardcore power,
and has become the ultimate HC cult album. Many tracks from this album are essential crowd
favourites at Sick Of It All live shows.

A1. "The Blood & The Sweat" – 1:50
A2. "Clobberin' Time"/"Pay The Price" 1:37
A3. "Give Respect" – 1:08
A4. "Breeders of Hate" – 1:12
A5. "Pushed Too Far" – 1:56
A6. "Friends Like You" – 1:07
A7. "B.S. Justice" – 1:30
A8. "Rat Pack" – 0:44
A9. "Pete's Sake" – 0:56
A10. "Stick Together" – 0:51
B1. "G.I. Joe Headstomp" – 1:19
B2. "Alone" – 1:58
B3. "My Life" – 1:42
B4. "World Full of Hate" – 2:05
B5. "My Revenge" – 1:12
B6. "No Labels" – 1:59
B7. "Disillusion" – 2:05
B8. "The Deal" – 1:08
B9. "Injustice System!" – 2:07

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