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  • Exploited, the - The 7x7" BOXSET (lim 500, coloured vinyl)

    Who doesn’t love a bit of some good old THE EXPLOITED? Exactly, everyone does! So REBELLION RECORDS officially licensed (from CHERY RED) the first seven 7” singles and EP’s by this legendary Scottish punk band and collected them into a beautiful, glossy box – honoring one of the greatest punk bands… of all time! In “THE 7x7 BOX” each single and EP comes in its own color of vinyl, but as always we respect the original artwork, so graphical enhancements were only made if deemed necessary. Of course the tracklist speaks for itself with Army Life, Fuck The Mods, Exploited Barmy Army, I Believe In Anarchy, Dogs Of War, Dead Cities, Attack and Rival Leaders, totaling up to 18 classic anthems in one handy box! PRESSING INFO: 500 boxsets including: RR180-1 Exploited - Army Life 7” WHITE RR180-2 Exploited - Exploited Barmy Army 7” ULTRA CLEAR RR180-3 Exploited - Dogs Of War 7” TRANSPARANT BLOOD RED RR180-4 Exploited - Dead Cities 7” BONE RR180-5 Exploited - Attack/Alternative 7” HIGHLIGHTER YELLOW RR180-6 Exploited - Computers Don't Blunder 7” DEEP PURPLE RR180-7 Exploited - Rival Leaders 7” COKE BOTTLE GREEN TRACKLIST: Army Life A1 Army Life B1 Fuck The Mods B2 Crashed Out Exploited Barmy Army A1 Exploited Barmy Army AA1 I Believe In Anarchy AA2 What You Gonna Do Dogs Of War A1 Dogs Of War B1 Blown To Bits (Live) Dead Cities A1 Dead Cities AA1 Hitler’s In The Charts Again AA2 Class War Attack / Alternative A1 Attack AA1 Alternative Computers Don’t Blunder A1 Computers Don’t Blunder B1 Addiction Rival Leaders A1 Rival Leaders B1 Army Style B2 Singalongbushell Learn More

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  • v/a - The Classic Punk & Oi! Singles Box Vol. 2 10x 7" BOXSET (lim 500, clrd vinyl)

    Are you ready for another batch of classic Punk and Oi! singles? We sure are! Because after the succesful first volume of our “THE CLASSIC PUNK & Oi! SINGLES” box we proudly present to you volume two, featuring eight legendary bands and ten of their classic, much acclaimed, underground hit-singles including THE BUSINESS, G.B.H., SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS, RED ALERT, COCKNEY REJECTS, ATTAK, THE PARTISANS and CRUX! All sleeves have been graphicly restored with love and respect for the music and the bands, while all vinyl is pressed on a variation of different colors. As a whole, all ten singles are stored in a beautiful glossy box, making it an absolute must-have for the fan of classic Punk and Oi! music! Officially licensed through BMG rights management and Cherry Red Music The Business - Harry May 7" SILVER A1 Harry May B1 National Insurance Blacklist G.B.H. – Sick Boy 7" ORANGE CRUSH A1 Sick Boy B1 Slit Your Own Throat B2 Am I Dead Yet Slaughter & The Dogs - Cranked Up Really High 7" GOLD A1 Cranked Up Really High B1 The Bitch Red Alert - In Britain 7" BONE A1 In Britain B1 Screaming At The Nation B2 Murder Missile Cockney Rejects - Flares 'n' Slippers 7" ROYAL BLUE A1 Flares 'n' Slippers B1 Police Car B2 I Wanna Be A Star Attak - Today's Generation 7" COKE BOTTLE GREEN A1 Today's Generation B1 Hell B2 No Escape Attak - Murder In The Subway 7" WHITE A1 Murder In The Subway B1 Future Dreams The Partisans - Police Story 7" BRONZE A1 Police Story B1 Killing Machine The Partisans - 17 Years Of Hell 7" BEER A1 17 Years Of Hell B1 Power & The Greed B2 Bastards In Blue Crux - Keep on running 7" ULTRA CLEAR A1 Keep On Running A2 Streets At Night B1 Brighton Front B2 I'll Die With My Boots On Learn More

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  • 4 Skins, The - The original singles BOXSET 4x 7" (lim 500) LAST ONES!

    All three classic 4 SKINS singles of the 80’s, “One Law For Them”, “Yesterdays Heroes” and “Low Life”, are bundled in this beautifully packed box-set for Rebellion Records! Officially licensed from Captain Oi! Records, all three singles of this classic British outfit are available again in one package (not to be sold separately)! As a bonus a fourth single is added that contains the never officially released Plastic Gangster and Seems To Me singles (Both singles never made it beyond the testpressing / promo stage) PRESSING INFO: 500x Box Sets Colour configurations: RR168-1 4 Skins – One Law For Them 7” BLOOD RED RR168-2 4 Skins – Yesterdays Heroes 7” KELLY GREEN RR168-3 4 Skins – Low Life 7” ROYAL BLUE RR168-4 The Plastic Gangsters / 4 Skins – Plastic Gangster / Seems to me 7” BEER TRACKLIST: RR168-01 4 Skins – One Law For Them 7” A1 One Law For Them A2 Brave New World RR168-02 4 Skins – Yesterdays Heroes 7” A1 Yesterdays Heroes B1 Justice B2 Get Out Of My Life RR168-03 4 Skins – Low Life 7” A1 Low Life B1 Bread Or Blood RR168-04 The Plastic Gangsters / 4 Skins – Plastic Gangster / Seems to me 7” A1 Plastic Gangster B1 Norman B2 Seems To Me Learn More

  • The Classic Punk & Oi! Singles BOXSET 10 x 7" (lim 500)

    THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. THE RELEASE DATE IS SET FOR THE 18TH OF FEBRUARY 2017 10 classic and cult punk & Oi! singles pressed on 10 different colours of vinyl and housed in a nice, thick & sealed 2 piece boxset! Sleeve and label artwork are kept as close to the originals as possible. Limited to 500 copies worlwide! officially licensed from Captain Oi! and Cherry Red Records, brought to you by Rebellion Records VINYL COLOUR CONFIGURATIONS: RR167-01 The Blitz – Warriors 7” BONE RR167-02 Last Resort - Violence In Our Minds 7” ULTRA CLEAR RR167-03 Infa Riot - Kids Of the 80’s 7” PISS YELLOW RR167-04 The Ejected - Have You Got 10p? 7” DEEP PURPLE RR167-05 The Ejected - Noise For The Boys 7” BEER RR167-06 The Crack - Going Out 7” GOLD RR167-07 The Crack - All Or Nothing 7” SILVER RR167-08 The Blood - Stark raving normal 7” WHITE RR167-09 The Blood – Megalomania 7” BLOOD RED RR167-10 Chaos UK - Burning Britain 7” KELLY GREEN TRACKLIST: RR167-01 The Blitz – Warriors 7” A1 Warriors B1 Youth RR167-02 Last Resort - Violence in our minds 7” A1 Violence in our minds A2 Held hostage B1 Soul boys B2 Eight pound a week RR167-03 Infa Riot - Kids of the 80’s 7” A1 Kids of the 80’s B1 Still out of order RR167-04 The Ejected - Have you got 10p? 7” A1 Have you got 10P B1 Class of ‘82 B2 One for the boys RR167-05 The Ejected - Noise for the boys 7” A1 Fast n loud B1 I don’t care B2 What happened in brighton? RR167-06 The Crack - Going out 7” A1 Going out B1 The troops have landed RR167-07 The Crack - All or nothing 7” A1 All or nothing B1 I caught you out RR167-08 The Blood - Stark raving normal 7” A1 Stark raving normal B1 Mesrine RR167-09 The Blood – Megalomania 7” A1 Megalomania B1 Parasite in paradise B2 Calling the shots RR167-10 Chaos UK - Burning Britain 7” A1 4 minute warning A2 Kill your baby B1 Army B2 Victimize Learn More

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